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We are proud to live in the St. Lawrence Region and want you to join us. We will work hard to help you along the journey in making a relocation decision and once you have made the decision to move here, we will help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, even introducing you to people with similar interests to yours. We offer a personalized concierge service to help understand our communities. 


We are a concierge service for your employees. Our goal is to ensure they first find the right place to live and work and then speed up their integration into the community.

Location Services - SLX Life


We will work to help you and your team understand where is the best location for them to live.

Community Integration - SLX Life


One of the most difficult and stressful components of relocating is meeting new people and joining new groups. We will assist in making those introductions.

Lifestyle - SLX life


Sailing, Golf, Running etc… we will help you find and join the group that best suits your lifestyle.

Business Introductions - SLX LIfe


We have an extensive network of business contacts that will be available to you and your employees.


1000 Islands Business

We will provide multiple solutions to increase the engagement and productivity of your team. Working with your Human Resource partners, we can help your team to understand our region and the benefits of remote work.


If you are expanding fast, running out of space or looking for innovative ways to help build your team with a remote workforce, our team can help you.


We have a few standard services that we can supply to you and your team. This is only the start, together we will brainstorm to find the best fit for your company and your employees. 

Concierge Service


The team at SLX will provide a personal point of contact for every person on your team considering a mote to our area. This service has no limits when it comes to making the move to our area easier. Moving is complicated and stressful and the team at SLX is uniquely positioned to provide guidance and support throughout the decision-making process. Whether it is looking for a real estate agent, understanding where to find the best gluten-free bread or who to call to try diving in the St Lawrence River, the SLX tam will be there to provide support to your employees. 


We want your team to move to our area and we realize this means we need to come to you as well. The team at SLX is committed to providing personal support to your employees where and when it is most convenient for them. This can be a lunch and learn  (we can supply the lunch), scheduled employee meetings or structured time in our of your offices, we will make this work for you and your employees.

Lunch and Learn
Job Satisfaction


We can quote the studies and will be glad to provide you with data and the summary statement is that empowered employees are more productive and display greater satisfaction in their job. Allowing your employees to work when and where they want provides the ultimate in employee empowerment. 


Most pitches involve a financial side and ours is no different. Your employees will enjoy a lower cost of living by relocating to our area and working remotely. Housing prices are lower and the flexibility of working remotely reduces their commuting costs as well. The total package provides a real income increase to your employee with any impact on your expense line. 

Lower Cost Of Living
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