Sparkling Waters

Diving the sparkling waters of the St. Lawrence River and beyond is better here in the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River Region!

Top 5 Places To Dive

Brockville is central to some of the finest freshwater scuba diving in Canada, having been named to a Scuba Diver Life magazine list of the top five places to dive in the country.

Crystal Clear Water

Few places in the world offer so much adventure for divers in crystal clear, temperate (expect 20-23 Celsius in the summers) water, which would of course be located just minutes from your new front door after relocating to our area. You can be in your wetsuit and in the river faster than you can get out your front door and down the street in most nearby urban areas.

Shipwrecks Abound

One of the biggest draws is the large selection of nearby shipwrecks, which offer a range of challenges for divers ranging from novice to expert. Cut your teeth on the Rothesay, in shallow water just offshore near Prescott, and the Conestoga just off the village of Cardinal. Then move on to more advanced wrecks like the Muscallonge, sitting 100 feet down east of Brockville, and the steamer Keystorm, with its stern a full 115 feet under water near Mallorytown Landing in US waters.

Beginner Diving

Centeen Park in Brockville is also a great spot for novice divers thanks to the Dive Park created in 35-40 feet of water in 2015 by the 1000 Islands Chapter of Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS). More than two dozen concrete statues of people, mermaids, turtles, and more populate the park, making it the perfect place for an easy, recreational dive with some very interesting sights to enjoy.