Catch Some Wind  

Few passions are felt as strongly as sailing on the St. Lawrence River, one of the finest places in the world to hoist your sail and catch some wind.

1800 Islands – Endless Opportunity

Peerless natural and historic beauty are the main hallmarks of navigating a sailboat through the channels and open waters of this premier waterway, that runs right past the front door of what you could call your new home. Sailing through the beautiful 1000 Islands is truly an experience of a lifetime. More than 1,800 islands provide endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Learn To Sail

Best of all, you don’t have to arrive here as an expert. Sailing in our area has a deep history, including the long-established Brockville Yacht Club. This regional headquarters for sailing offers training for learners who might not know mast from yardarm along with refresher courses for those who want to expand or enhance their skills. A full racing program is also on tap for those who wish to test their mettle against others out on the St. Lawrence waves.

Historic Tall Ships

Finally, you can also experience what sailing was like in days of yore. Brockville is the summer home to two tall ships in the Fair Jeanne and the Black Jack, grand old vessels that provide an opportunity to see what sailing was like in the 19th century. Both are the site of regular training schools that give you the chance to learn how to sail these majestic ships of a bygone era.