Remote Work
SLX LIFE - Technology

Technology is no longer a barrier to working remotely from a traditional office. Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams allow you to meet virtually face-to-face whenever we want. On the collaboration side, messaging and sharing tools such as Slack and Basecamp provide affordable and scalable access to every company. If you are unsure about the technology opportunities we can help at SLX Life.

SLX - Time Management

A lot of people have written about time management over the years. That advice and information have historically been about the traditional office environment. Time management is different in the remote world. You will find that you are much more efficient, some studies have shown a productivity improvement of 20%, which is one extra day every week. At SLX Life we can help you and your employer and employees understand more about time management in a remote location.

Whether you are new to remote working or it is a career path you have been on for several years there is always an opportunity to learn from others. SLX has a Remote Working Group on Facebook for sharing tips, tactics and best practices. Join today to get all the benefits that membership provides.