Heritage & The Birth of Canada

Grand heritage homes going back to the birth of Canada can be found across the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region—and at low prices that will surprise you.

Deep Community Roots

One of the most attractive aspects of living here in the cradle of Canada is the ready availability of historic homes that can transport you to the 19th century and even earlier in a few special cases. Heritage communities such as Brockville, Prescott, Mallorytown, Lansdowne, and more boast dozens of designated and listed cultural heritage properties, along with many more stone and brick homes that expose community roots that extend deep into our nation’s past

Affordable Heritage

You can secure a part of that history for yourself. Heritage homes regularly hit the market here for very affordable prices by comparison with the amount that equivalent properties are sold for in larger urban centres. So you can enjoy a direct connection to Canadian history here at a reasonable price.

Historic Communities

Of course, you can also soak in the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian charm of the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region without actually purchasing a heritage home. The historic character of our communities allow you to take a trip back in time every time you venture out for a walk or a drive, adding a special quality of life that simply cannot be matched in much of modern urban or suburban Canada, with its rows of new developments and new neighbourhoods.