Five Reasons you Should Hire People Who Work From Home

Hire Remote Workers

As an employer, you might have considered moving some of your team out of the office. Maybe you are having difficulty attracting top talent, your office is bursting at the seams or you just see it as the logical evolution of your business. Instant communication tools are already ubiquitous in the office environment, we have all been in the position where we lean over to the next cubicle and let our co-workers know that we have just ‘Slacked’ that information over to them. Hiring somebody who is already used to working at home and communicating through virtual channels will accelerate your entire office team’s use of these tools.
Here are five of the top reasons you should consider your next hire as somebody who works from home. Read More

What to Look For When Hiring Remote Workers

What to Look For - Remote Work

As a society, we are seeing a rise in the number of employees wanting to work remotely. We are also seeing a shortage of top talent in most ‘local’ environments. All of this means that remote working is moving to the mainstream. Long gone are the days when the person who worked from home was the anomaly, more neighbourhoods have people at home during the day with full-time jobs than ever before.

Not everybody is suited for a remote and independent job and we have compiled a few best practices in hiring people who have the potential to thrive in remote work environments. As an employer of choice you want your team to be high performing and one of the keys is putting people in positions where that best allows them for success. Read More