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Living in the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region has to be experienced for yourself. Take in our modern and heritage homes for a fraction of the prices seen in nearby cities, with the larger lots and yards that you just cannot find in more densely populated urban areas. You’ll be right at home in our friendly communities whether you are in search of a rural hobby farm, a newly built house or riverside condo, or a heritage home. And we offer you ready access to first-class education, including private and Francophone schools, along with daycare programming without the wait times and expense of city offerings.

Make your housing dollar go farther than it can in the city. Want a big house and a big yard? It’s still possible in the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region.

Whether you want to live in a small city, town, village, or own a dream hobby farm in the country, your next home can be found along the St. Lawrence River.

Heritage homes going back to the birth of Canada can be found across the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region—and at low prices that will surprise you.

Step into Canada’s rich past in the historic downtowns of the city, towns, and villages of our communities, with roots that date to Confederation and beyond.

When stately stone houses of yesteryear are not your thing, look at the new builds all across our region—at prices far lower than big-city comparators.

School enrolment, child care, and recreational programs without wait times or big expense? It’s a fact of life in the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River Region.