Green Acres is the Place to Be

One of the big C-19 topics of late is how our cities will never look the same following the pandemic. News outlets are all over this, with talk about how cities are shutting down roadways to vehicles, adding more bike lanes, and just generally opening up the asphalt jungle more to human-oriented green spaces. Kind of a must right now, really, because of the drastic decline in commuter traffic and the plummeting use of public transit.

Society is shifting. Cities are making the move to become more livable for people. Roads, cars, buses, subways, and more are being scaled back, at least for the time being, as work has changed and there just isn’t enough demand for these services. Even smaller urban areas are wrestling with space issues. A beautiful Ottawa Valley village like Merrickville is struggling right now with concerns over too many visitors crowding its quaint, 19th century streets—which are too narrow to allow for proper social distancing.

In the future, though, who knows? Cities have always rebounded from economic crises and even pandemics in the past. It’s hard to say if these changes will be permanent due to health worries and workplace flexibility…or if we will simply forget the pandemic and go back to normal. Mankind has an awfully short memory.

But what we can say for certain is that the quality of life just now being embraced by larger cities out of necessity is already on offer in the smaller communities of the St. Lawrence River Region. Yes, this is a bit of a sales pitch. But it is also the reality of life here, where we have unsurpassed access to parks along the river and an easier pace of life with far less traffic on our roads…even before the pandemic than the likes of Ottawa and even Kingston. At the same time, you do not need to make any sacrifices, as we are adjacent to Hwy. 401, close to a couple of international bridges, and within an hour of just about anything you could want or need.

Add in more affordable, more spacious homes with real backyards and you have the makings of a quality of life that simply can’t be touched. This has tremendous value to everyone, although it is even more important to those working from home right now (and likely for the foreseeable future). Life in a small apartment or condo, or in a cookie-cutter home on a postage-stamp lot in a suburb may have looked good before the pandemic, when you were close to the office and all the social amenities provided by city life. Now, that’s all changed in dramatic ways. You don’t need to be close to the office anymore. And as for those social amenities? They come with big crowds in big cities. How does that look to you now?

What cities are now aspiring to create out of sheer necessity thanks to COVID-19, we already have in the St. Lawrence River Region. Contact SLX so we can show you what we have to offer in person.


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