The Great Remote Worker Experiment

Our business community is now going through what will be ultimately seen as a demarcation point in the way work gets done in Canada, and around the world.     Over the past decade, there has been a gradual increase in the number of workers who work remotely. There have been a variety of economic and social reasons for this, all of which have no bearing on our current situation.   As business leaders, as we move through this crisis, we have the opportunity to evaluate the impact and make longer-term, strategic decisions on how work gets done in our companies. Over the past decade the benefits of remote working have been well documented:

Financial Savings for Employees and Employers

Employees are More Creative

20% Productivity Boost

Lower Attrition Rates

As a business you are focused on impacting the current situation, long-term planning and strategy are not today’s thoughts.   The time will come soon when we need to once again focus on the longer vision. Be prepared to evaluate the impact of remote work, we suspect this forced experiment will expose tremendous long-term positive impact.   Support your employees who are working from home right now and put an analytical lens on the outcomes. What can you measure that will help guide your strategic decisions in the future. Hours worked is no longer a key measure of productivity, creative output is a much more valuable commodity and smart businesses will measure employee output from home differently.  

Say goodbye to office hours, they are not coming back anytime soon

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